CCS 2005 TPX KGB®CCS 2414 KGB®CCS 2960 KGB®CCS 4002/2 XBL KGB®CCS 4007 KGB®
CCS 2414 KGB®
CCS 2960 KGB®
CCS 4002/2 XBL KGB®
CCS 4007 KGB®

built-in reliability

CCS is one of the leading companies specialised in the development and the production of motorised magnetic card systems and smart card systems for industrial applications.

We would like to introduce our enterprise and our product assortment and production machines to you here.

Tüv Nord Cert: ISO 9001/BS OHSAS 1800
Tüv Nord Cert: ISO 9001
Tüv Nord Cert: DIN EN ISO 14001 : 2009